Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting

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Complete Analytics Lifestyle Implementation

  • We help organizations through the entire Analytics life cycle from Data preparation, Pattern detection and Creating Analytical Models to Automation and enabling Self Service Analytics for their Business users by leveraging the transformative power of Leading Augmented Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms and Cloud Technologies.
  • We have extensive experience working with various types of Data (Structured & Unstructured), Real-time streaming data sources, Big Data storage coupled with Data Science experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning on these data sets to help derive insights
  • We have expertise on multiple Analytics platforms including leading Open Source and commercial systems

Embedding Analytics

We can help take your applications further and engage with a larger audience by embedding analytics offerings

  • We can help embed analytical content into portals and third-party applications with seamless SSO (Single Sign-On) standard based security integration to enable analytics as part of standard business user workflows.
  • Integrating embedded analytics into your platform can present significant challenges, from technical roadblocks to simple economics. We eliminate these integration issues with our in-depth expertise across multiple BI Platforms coupled with our Engineering expertise

BI Platform Migration

Having deep expertise in multiple Analytics platforms we can help migrate existing Analytics content from Pentaho, Tableau, Power BI, Sisense, and Qlik into the industry-leading ABIA platform Pyramid Analytics

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