Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation consulting helps organizations navigate the complex process of incorporating digital technologies and data-driven strategies into their business operations. This can involve a wide range of services, including identifying areas where digital solutions can improve efficiency and effectiveness, developing a digital strategy, and implementing new technologies.


Our Services

Accelerate Cloud Migration with minimized Business Impact

  • Technology-agnostic approach to help you lay a solid Cloud foundation to transform your legacy monolithic system and accelerate your digital transformation.
  • Help with Migrating to a container-based cloud environment like Kubernetes to implement hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms, and handle large workloads.

Robotic Process Automation & BPMN

  • We can help Model Complex Business Processes using low code BPMN Standards-based Industry-leading tools like Camunda, Bonitasoft and ProcessMaker.
  • We can also help Automate various workflows using Industry-leading RPA tools such as UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism.

DevOps Services

  • Whether you are starting with DevOps or scaling it to your entire enterprise, our DevOps service offerings can help.
  • Our services span the application life cycle and enable Continuous Delivery Pipeline Across Cloud Platforms for Increased Efficiency and Reduced Cost.
  • Expertise in building CICD pipeline using automation tools such as Jenkins, Concourse, CircleCI, TravisCI, Azure DevOps, Weaveworks and Atlassian Bamboo along with containerization techniques and serverless deployment using AWS ECS, GKE and Azure Kubernetes Services.
  • Help setup Cloud Performance Monitoring, Performance Tuning & Testing using tools like JMeter, Locust, Prometheus, Graphana, Selenium, Postman, Loki, Weaveworks and ELK stack.

New Generation Technologies & Tools

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